Recently Julie and I met one of our neighbors who is a huge dog lover, trainer and often takes in dogs to foster. She works frequently with Bull Terriers and has a soft spot for them it seems, as do myself and Julie. A few weeks ago we got a note asking if we would be able to take on a foster puppie for a short amount of time as she was at her capacity. This is how we ended up opening our door to Flicks.

Day one, Flicks arrives at our place and is a little unsure of his surroundings.

He soon settles on the couch.

It's been a busy first day.

Treats are in order. We are told that he loves peanut butter inside a bone, who wouldn't.

Day two. In contrast to our own dog, he is an angel in the bath tub.

Hes gets a special shampoo for his skin. Will be cleared up very soon.

Julie dries him off, making this look like a scene from E.T.

As you can see his coat is a little patchy and pink still, can't wait till it has grown in. Should take four weeks or so.

Another busy day, Flicks insits on squeezing in behind our dog B for an hour or so before bed.